This project is aimed towards establishing interdisciplinary training courses which would be an amalgamation of knowledge from the field of arts and technology, in a way that will enable the respective participants to acquire competencies which would be highly applicable in professional life. The implementation of courses would bring improvement to creative, technical and safety standards of work in theatrical and public venues in partner countries, in accordance with good practices in EU countries. This project should also create means of networking, and foster future cooperation among HEI and potential future employers, namely theatres and other institutions that deal in public event productions.

Theatre technicians and stage managers working in theatres and all sorts of public venues in Serbia are not adequately trained. In recent years, some related university level studies have been established, but it is unrealistic to expect from all currently working theatre technicians to undergo full four years of study, having in mind the age and the prior experience. In accordance with the strategy for lifelong learning and for connecting universities with the labour market, the aim is to make training courses which would allow theatre technicians and stage managers to gain necessary expertise, but which could also be attended by unemployed people who want to be retrained. People trained as theatre technicians can work in theatres, in all sorts of public venues; they are needed for constructing exhibition stands at trade fairs and in numerous situations where something is presented physically in front of an audience.