WP1 (DEV) Defining theatre technicians and stage managers necessary competences and skills.

1.1  Creating a comparative analysis of current education and competency levels of theatre technicians and theatre managers in Serbia and BiH, and in EU countries

1.2  Creating lists of required competences and learning outcomes, using EU partners experience

1.3  Creating a comparative analysis of legislative concerning theatre technicians licencing, and of employment strategies practices in the field in Serbia and BiH, and in EU countries.

WP2 (DEV) Defining competency-based training courses

2.1  Defining training courses curricula

2.2  Providing necessary literature and teaching equipment

2.3  Training of professionals and future teachers for professional work and for holding further courses

WP3 (DEV) Implementation of training courses for working theatre technicians and stage managers

3.1  Defining prerequisite criteria that future students need to meet in order to be enrolled in the courses

3.2  Enrolling participants  into training courses

3.3  Implementing training courses

3.4  Enabling participants and students visits to EU partners schools

3.5  Evaluation of the course through means of a participant questionnaire

WP4 (DEV) Preparing a platform for connecting labour market with courses participants

4.1  Creating a database with contacts of theatre technicians, including their competences and special skills.

4.2  Creating and implementing workshops for teaching staff and professional cooperates

4.3  ­­­­­Providing information for professionals and labour market about the benefits of training courses

WP5 (QPLN) Controlling the quality of the project

5.1  Monitoring the general process

5.2  Permanent monitoring of the course

5.3  Reviewing the curriculum and content of course

5.4  Reviewing the methodology of course

5.5  Analysing labour market reviews and labour market reactions to the courses

WP6 (DISS) Dissemination of the project results

6.1  Developing and maintaining of the web site, ensuring projects results available for all interested people

6.2  Organising open days and workshops concerning new tendencies in working in public venues

6.3  Preparing the Publication of the Project activities and results

6.4  Creating marketing, network formation and public relations

6.5  Publishing a study about the proposed system of mandatory licencing

WP7 (EXP) Providing sustainability of the project

7.1  Defining benefits that obligatory certification system would bring in partner countries.

7.2  Creating an in-depth study on the reasons for introducing obligatory licencing system in the field, with a comprehensive proposal on how it should be organised, based on the experiences from the project.

7.3  Ensuring participants enrolment into courses after the end of the project

7.4  Signing agreements on future cooperation between theatres and universities in partner countries, and  EU countries

WP8 (MNGT) Project Management

8.1  Kick-off meeting

8.2  Creating project team on each participating University

8.3  General project management

8.4  Financial management